Pizza dough

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Traditional waffles

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Garlic toasts

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Portioned sauces

perfectly repetitive taste of dishes


We produce mostly frozen ready-made and semi-finished products for HoReCa and other businesses from the food industry (e.g B2B). Flexibility, opennes to ideas, and solidity are features that distinguish us on the market.

We aim to be innovative in our actions, and the most important thing for us is to create products that will fully satisfy our customers. 

The standard offer constitutes merely 20% of our sales. Remaining 80% are products dedicated to our clients. Such attitude results in the perception of our company as dynamic and competitive. 



  • Identification of customer needs is our priority; 
  •  Constant, dynamic development via new technologies, investments, and innovative solutions is our key to competitive advantage; 
  • Work satisfaction, involvement, knowledge, and willingness to extend competences of our team are our greatest assets;
  • The highest quality and safety of our products are dererminants to success and importance on the market;



Marka Iglo Drops powstała na początku roku 2014 przez wykreowanie i wprowadzenie przez nas na rynek gastronomiczny innowacyjnych produktów jakimi były mrożone porcjowane sosy ( 1 szt...


Our bestsellers


Frozen sauces in sachets

Portions of sauces make work easier

"Zapiekanka" on the baguette

Traditional and crispy