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Iglo Drops

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For   business
Frozen in the form of Iglo Drops

Frozen fillings in Iglo Drops form were devised due to the growing demand of customers who aimed to create and bring out outstanding, original, and high quality ready-made dishes. Therefore, we aim our Iglo Drops fillings at manufacturers from meat and fish processing business who may be interested in diversifying their offer. Together we can create fillings of high quality and rich flavour. The product does not loose its assets during thermal processing such as frying or baking. We create and improve recipes in close cooperation with our clients, taking into account their individual demands. We can also manoeuvre the grammage of one piece (from 10 g to 20g).

Examples of fillings:

  • garlic and herb,
  • cheese with ham,
  • garlic,
  • cheese,
  • cheese with mushroom,
  • cheese with broccoli,
  • spinach,
  • tomato - herbal

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The offer designed for B2B recipients who expect customer service of highest quality,and creation of unique products designed especially for them. We offer individual, mutually advantagous cooperative conditions as well as trust and partnership.


  • creation of products that meet expectations of our business partners
  • quick reaction to our client needs
  • replicability of products with high quality
  • individual approach to every client
  • personal design supervision by our Project Coordinator and NPD Staff as well as systematic after-sales care
  • advantagous cooperative conditions
  • short completion date of projects and orders
  • years of succesful experience in manufacturing products dedicated to our clients
  • opennes to investment in new technologies required for a specific projects

ikonka mikrofali


ikonka mikrofali



Name Form Package Palletisation
Frozen filings 1 piece Iglo Drops = form 10 g to 20 g carton 13 kg 40 (8*5)
Name phone address voivodeship